The UWC Leadership Program

India is undergoing structural changes in all spheres of life. Evolving to 21st Century dynamics, each sector is experiencing various disruptions and society is experiencing a paradigm shift never seen before.

Politics too cannot be insulated this change and the politics of tomorrow will not be the same as we know it now.

It is, therefore, imperative for Indian youth to make their voices heard through the right medium and become an active and integral part of the dynamic Indian political eco-system.

United with Congress strives to be that platform for the youth, to give them a jumpstart into active politics through its initiatives like UWC Leadership Program, the highlights of which are illustrated here.

If you are in the age group between 18 and 40 years and are willing to spend a few hours every day for Political Activism, you can join the United With Congress team and apply for the Leadership Program.

UWC Teams and Leadership Opportunities

The Category Management Team oversees design, planning, tracking, and reporting of operations, besides the Orientations, Training and Workshops.

The Digital Communication and Research Team manages digital outreach, content creation, policy research and fact-checking.

The Chapter Management Team initiates and develops UWC Chapters at the Assembly and Parliamentary Constituency levels.

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